Questions can come up as early as during your creation process. Want your work to be an hommage to an artist you love? How much of a song can you sample? Share your questions with us and we’ll enlighten you. 


Covering songs, sharing pictures from the latest play you were in, performing in front of thousands in an arena: we will help you understand all the legal implications of your performances.


In this day and age, there are endless ways to share your work. Let us help you navigate through distribution agreements, broadcasting regulations, publishing deals, royalties, and more.


Whether you are thinking about getting some help from your fans for your next project or want to apply for different government or private grants, we will accompany you through the entire process.

For all players in all sectors

Singers, producers, composers, dancers, comedians, actors, writers, musicians, record labels: we will adapt to your reality, no matter what.

To meet all your needs

Negotiation, licensing agreements, rights clearance agreements, celebrity endorsements, funding, distribution agreements, intellectual property protection: the more you need, the more we offer. 

Legal services tailored to the entertainment industry