The tech world moves quickly. Whether you want us to protect your intellectual property or look into the feasibility of your project, we’ll help you stay ahead of the curve.


As your projects get bigger, so do your needs. Larger teams, larger offices, more business opportunities: we will assist you in every way we can.


Whether you need VC funding, help with your Kickstarter campaign or want to look into government grants and tax credits, we will accompany you in securing the funds you need. 


Do you comply with Canada’s Anti-Spam law? How do you handle your customers’ private data? What about health regulations? We’ll look into it for you.

For all players in all sectors

Software developers, business owners, graphic designers, startup incubators, marketing managers, supply chain managers, consultants: we will adapt to your reality, no matter what.

To meet all your needs

Copyright and trademark protection, terms and conditions, data protection, work contracts, company policies, certification, funding, licensing, privacy policies, non-disclosure agreements: the more you need, the more you offer.

Legal services tailored to the IT industry