Doing business with suppliers, pattern making, sample making, production: we will make sure you are protected, every step along the way. 


E-commerce or brick and mortar? What should your return policy be? How should you be shipping your products? Any more questions? Let a fashion lawyer guide you through it.


Made in Canada requirements, model work visas, social influencer contracts, photography model releases: let the world know who you are. 


Vision is everything. Whether you need intellectual property protection or want to revolutionize fashion tech, we want to be part of it. 

For all players, in all sectors

Designers, stylists, social influencers, models, sewers, bloggers, photographers, retailers: we will adapt to your reality, no matter what.

To meet all your needs

Contract reviewing/drafting, intellectual property protection, marketing, fashion tech compliance, certifications, funding: the more you need, the more we offer. 

Legal services tailored to the fashion ecosystem