Tailored legal services for creatives

Simple. Fine-tuned. ARTY LAW offers legal services that help creatives start and protect their businesses.


We accompany designers, stylists and other creatives in the fashion industry to help them protect their creations and businesses.

Visual arts

Gallery representation, content creation, licensing, and other legal elements are much easier to navigate with a little assistance.


Taking control of your career is essential, whether you’re a comedian, music producer or rapper.

Content creation

Questions about copyright? About the usage rights that your new client has requested from you? It would be our pleasure to give you the tools to protect and value your content.


Online courses, e-books, coaching: we know that the creation and sale of these products have their own particularities. Let’s talk about it!


Developing a web application? Questions about data privacy laws? We can help you.

Influencer marketing

From image rights to hashtags, through the negotiation of your contracts, we’d be more than happy to accompany you.


From the drafting  of your website policies to your questions about the Office of Consumer Protection, we are here to ensure your compliance.

Advertising & Marketing

Advertising is omnipresent in our lives (and our clients’ lives too). Let’s discuss the legal side of your next marketing campaign.

Client work.

A few exemples of mandates we’ve worked on for our clients.


Incorporation of a business in influencer marketing and content creation.

Risk analysis

Legal analysis of a documentary in order to pinpoint potential risks for a client in the entertainment industry.  

Business acquisition

Advice and preparation of all necessary documents for the purchase of a company’s assets in the fashion industry.

Rights acquisition

Advice and drafting of an option agreement on a book for a client in the film industry. 

Advice, review & negotiation

Advice, review, and negotiation of a licensing agreement, distribution agreement, and publishing agreement with a music label for a client in the music industry.

Data protection

Audit, advice, and drafting of required documents and policies to ensure compliance to applicable data protection laws for a business in tourism.

Aicha Tohry profil

Hi there! I’m Aicha, founder of ARTY LAW and lawyer for creatives! My goal is to let you work on your passions without you having to worry about the legal aspects of running a business (I’ll take care of that). After working in fashion and IT law, I decided to start a practice that would answer the needs of ALL creatives. Lawyer, entrepreneur, and creative (yup, me too), I am a contemporary art fanatic, a strong believer in ethical fashion, and a lover of almond milk lattes. Let me help you bring your projects to life.


Planning is everything. Let me help you map out the next steps for your big project.


Business growth brings a lot of changes. Hiring employees, rethinking corporate structure: the more you need, the more I’ll offer.


Sometimes, we just need guidance. My advisory services will help you see things more clearly.