Building your team

As your career grows, you will need legal foundations to solidify your relationship with your studio assistants, your agent, the galleries you work with, festivals, and more.


Whether you want to sell your work through galleries, consultants, art dealers or your Instagram account, we will make sure it is done properly.

Protecting your art

Copyright registration, infringement monitoring, certificates of authenticity: there is more than one way to protect your work. Let us guide you through your options.


Looking for funding? Look no further. We will help you navigate the available grants and alternative funding methods to help you achieve your goals. 

For all players in all sectors

Street artists, photographers, galleries, museums, non-profit organizations, video maker, online retailer: we will adapt to your reality, no matter what.

To meet all your needs

Licensing agreements, copyright registration, work contracts, sponsorship agreements, funding, photography model releases, agency and gallery contracts: the more you need, the more we offer. 

Legal services tailored to the art world