4 Essential Clauses for Your Makeup Artist Agreement

Summertime is one of the busiest periods for makeup artists (wedding season)! As with other service-based businesses, you want to have a good service agreement in place to ensure you are protected when dealing with your clients (if you’re not convinced about the necessity of a good service agreement, check out this blog post). Here are four essential clauses to include in your makeup artist agreement.

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#1 Payment

As with any service agreement, payment is one of the aspects you definitely want to address in your makeup artist contract. Will you be charging your client by the hour? A fixed price? Does the amount include sales tax? Make sure to be clear not only about the amounts you will be charging, but also when they will be due (upon receipt of invoice, 15 days upon receipt of invoice, etc). If you ask for an advance (which is always a good way to make sure your client is serious about working with you), you need to mention it. Finally, if you plan on charging interest on late payments, include the monthly and yearly amount you will be asking for.


#2 Cancellation

In order to have control over your schedule (as well as your cash flow), you should be including a clear cancellation clause in your agreement. How long before the day you were booked on can your client cancel the contract? Are there any situations where you, as a service provider, can cancel the contract (if you are sick, for instance)? What are the consequences of such a cancellation?


#3 Travel

As you probably know, makeup artists often do their work on location. If you charge for your travel time, you should be addressing that element in your makeup artist agreement. Will that time be paid by the hour? Do you charge a fixed fee based on the location? Make sure you address this topic clearly to avoid any surprises or misunderstandings with your clients.


#4 Social media and portfolio

Finally, one of the best ways to build a clientele nowadays is by showcasing your work to your potential clients. This might mean featuring some of your clients’ looks on your social media platforms and website. If you plan on doing so, make sure your clients consent to their picture being taken for such uses.


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