You’ve invested too much in your branding not to protect it. The easiest way to do it? Getting your trademarks registered and properly managing them.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Here are a few of the questions that often come up when it comes to trademarks.


You can trademark a word, multiple words (a slogan, for instance), designs (logo, for instance) or sounds used in relationship with your products or services to distinguish yourself from your competitors.

What's the advantage of getting a registered trademark?

Getting your trademarks registered will allow you to have the exclusivity on your trademark in relationship with certain categories of goods/services all over Canada.

How long will my trademarks be protected for?

You trademarks will be protected for a period of 10 years. This period is renewable.

Isn't getting my business name registered with the government enough?

No, registering your business name with the government and having registered trademarks are two different concepts. Business registration does not prevent other entities from using the same name as you. The only way to protect your branding (logo, name, etc) is to get your trademarks registered.

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